Sold Out

A pedal for a cause.  FK CNCR, a modified version of the esteemed Iceverb reverb pedal. Modifications by Jack Deville (Mr. Black) with additional assistance from Philippe Herndon (Caroline Guitar Company). This is a limited release of 100 pedals, with all proceeds going to The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research, a joint effort between St. Luke's Hospital and the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth.

The Spring mode is very similiar to the original version of the pedal with the left knob turned all the way up.  The Hall mode incorporates the Jack Deville mod and gives it a much lusher, fuller sounding reverb, like an amp placed in a huge hall.




Operates on 9VDC.  Both battery and DC Jack (center negative) options are provided.  Power supply not included. Pedal will create a "pop" when switching between the two modes, this is normal operation and is caused by a DC shift which is the result of switching between circuits internally.  The Hall mode is pushing the reverb unit to the limit, when pushed by high output pickup or a ht boost/drive pedal it may distort, this is also normal.